Global Outreach

  • Chikumbuso Women and Orphans project  Lusaka, Zambia

    This community-based, non-governmental organization has a goal to empower children, widows, single mothers, and grandmothers whose families have been decimated by the AIDS epidemic in Zambia through microfinance projects, support groups, education and care. The people of St. Luke provide support for the Chikumbuso Women & Orphans Project in many ways. Several church members, as well as the St. Luke Outreach Ministry team, sponsor over a dozen children at the Chikumbuso School. This support provides each sponsored child with a quality education, a monthly food stipend, and medical care. In addition, St. Luke provides general financial support for the Chikumbuso Project.

  • Alternative Gifts Program

    Every Advent season St. Luke provides opportunities for members and friends to make donations to those in need both through local service agencies and global agencies such as the Heifer Project and ELCA World Hunger.