St Luke Members' Area

  • MSP (Ministry Site Profile) Team

    The MSP Team is working hard to create a document that accurately reflects the life and dreams of St. Luke Lutheran Church. The most recent MSP will be posted shortly.

  • Online Member Directory

    Our new directory will be available soon! this online version will reflect the most recent changes in membership and contact information. 

    Call or email the church office for the access code. 


    Property Loss Report
    For damage to any of your property except vehicles.

    Accident Report
    For Injury or property damage to others that may have been caused by you or your organization.

    Automobile Accident Report
    For injury or damage caused in an auto accident.

    Workers' Compensation (forms by state)
    For injury to an employee.

St. Luke Member Documents

In this section you'll find the St. Luke Constitution, By-Laws and Continuing Resolutions. The documents can be opened by clicking on the appropriate picture.

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