What should i Expect?

A community of warm friendly people, engaging music and worship, the Word preached in a compelling way and an opportunity to experience God. You’ll be encouraged and maybe even challenged, but that is normal. You are our guest, and our goal is to make you feel welcome.

Expect God. We can’t change lives, but we believe that Jesus can. We expect the presence of God in all of our gatherings. Where God is present there is joy, healing, hope, and life. We come together to meet with and worship the Creator of the universe and to be changed by God's presence.

Expect acceptance and love. At St. Luke, you will be accepted and loved no matter what. You can be yourself. Urban, suburban, black, white, rich, poor, young, and old are all a part of St. Luke. At the foot of the cross is level ground where all are accepted as equals.

What should I wear?

You may wear whatever is comfortable for you. For some this means wearing business style clothing. For others it may mean wearing what is considered casual dress. We are not hung up on what you wear and simply want you to know that you are welcome here no matter your style of clothing.

Will I be pushed to do something I don’t want to do?

No, you’re our guest. You will not be pushed to do anything you don’t want to do. We will not make you stand up in front of everybody as a first-time guest or introduce yourself. There are a lot of great people to meet and a lot of great things happening on a Sunday morning, but the level of your participation will be totally up to you.