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Family is very important to St. Luke Lutheran Church. 

Fellowship brings us all together to share our love of Christ and expand our hearts. 

St. Luke offers many opportunities to support one another, have fun, make friends, and grow together as a family. 

John Perkins is the Fellowship Liaison on our Congregation Counsil. 

If you need more information, contact our Fellowship Team email

  • Survey

    The Fellowship Team wants to hear from YOU! Please follow the link to fill out a survey from your Fellowship Team. Thank You.

  • Kitchen Team

    The kitchen at St. Luke is used by various groups within and outside the church. Keeping it organized and clean is crucial in making St. Luke a welcoming place. Help is needed to organize the food and paper supplies in the kitchen cabinets and pantry. Supplies need to be inventoried regularly and ordered when more are needed. Help is also needed keeping the refrigerators and freezers clean.

    Various events take place throughout the year. If you wish to assist in the kitchen for these events, watch the calendar and announcements for sign-ups. 

    Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month.

    For more information or to participate, contact Fellowship email

  • Funeral Receptions

    A reception is provided for family members and guest following funeral services at the church. Help is needed to call members of the congregation for food donations. serve the food on the day of the reception, set up and clean up the kitchen and fellowship hall, and launder the linens.

    Time Commitment: 3-5 hours on the day of the funeral (usually mid-day.)

    Email the Fellowship Team for more information. Fellowshipemail 

  • Holy Week

    Holy Week is a time for reflection and spiritual renewal at St. Luke.  Our Good Friday Program. It varies year to year, but always seeks to engage and entertain children as it teaches them stories including the Triumphal Entry, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.  Youth and Adult volunteers are vital to the success of this event. To help, please email Pastor Heidi.

  • Hamonasset Family Weekend

    Most of our activities for families take place at St. Luke.  "Family Hammo" is a chance to explore beyond our walls.  Meet other ELCA families from around New England at a weekend camp at Hammonasset State Park.  For information and to register visit the event website.

  • Game Nights

    Occasionally, St. Luke will host a game night. Families can come together to play various board games or card games. There is always fun, friendship, food, and laughter.  Watch the schedule for updates!