Pastor Heidi Johnston

Pr. Heidi is the daughter of a retired Army Chaplain and mental health counselor - an upbringing she credits with helping her sink down roots, make meaningful connections, and bloom where she’s planted. Growing up, she was spiritually fed and nurtured by the Lutheran fellowships at various Army installations in Tennessee, New Jersey, South Carolina, Kansas, California, Georgia, and even overseas in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

Pr. Heidi received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from Syracuse University in 2004.  With a strong sense of call to use her gifts for the glory of God through parish ministry, Pr. Heidi went on to divinity school in 2007. She first attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (now part of United Lutheran Seminary), and then went onto Union Theological Seminary in New York City where she earned a Master of Divinity. Pr. Heidi completed field study at parishes in New York City and central Texas before being ordained in the New England Synod on January 28, 2012.

She served as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Quincy, MA for over nine years. During that time, Pr. Heidi and Faith Lutheran journeyed together to become a more expansively welcoming congregation with a heart for Jesus-led engagement in the community. Pr. Heidi is grateful for such a positive first call and is equally honored to lead the ministry team at St. Luke Lutheran Church.


In addition to ministry, Pr. Heidi is passionate about her role as wife and mother. She and her husband, Ben, live with their two sons, Oliver and Wesley, in Sterling, CT.

Pastor Heidi's emergency phone number: