Faith Development

Faith is a journey.  At St. Luke we believe everyone is on a unique walk with Christ.  Sunday service is a great place to start connecting with our Lord.  To supplement and deepen that relationship, we encourage you to participate in a Faith Development opportunity.  New groups are welcome and encouraged.  Speak with Pastor Heidi if you have an idea to inspire Faith Development at St. Luke.

  • Lenten soup & study

    Lenten Soup & Study; Wednesdays remaining in Lent (March 22 & 29), 6:00-7:15 p.m. The study and conversation time will use an ELCA study curriculum called “Civic Life & Faith.” Please sign up on the bulletin board to bring soup or bread.

    Watch Video from Session One Here

    Watch Video from Session Two Here

    Watch Video from Session Three Here

    Watch Video from Session Four Here

    Watch Video from Session Five Here

    Watch Video from Session Six Here

  • lenten reflections with pastor heidi and pastor eric

    In the spirit of deepening our spirituality in relationship with one another, Pr. Heidi and Pr. Eric pose some questions to one another in a video series for the 5 weeks of Lent. Each Tuesday evening in Lent, a video link will be released on Facebook. The very short videos are meant to foster thought and maybe even some conversations of your own.

    View the Video for Week One Here

    View the Video for Week Two Here

    View the Video for Week Three Here

    View the Video for Week Four Here

    View the Video for Week Five Here

  • celebrate black history month

    Watch "Talks at the Desk" Season 2. It was released for Black History Month, 2023, but the topic is important year-round. 

    YouTube Playlist

  • Confirmation

    Confirmation is a tradition in the Lutheran Church.  Beginning in 6th grade, young members who wish to strengthen their understanding of the Bible and Lutheran traditions may choose to begin the confirmation process.  For more information on this special faith commitment, please visit our Confirmation page.

  • Women's Group

    Our women's group meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month in the Youth Room!

    Come join us as we reconnect, support, and encourage one another. As part of the church’s evangelism ministry, we will reach out to women beyond the walls of the church.

    For more information, contact Kirsten Holmstedt.

  • Daily Online Devotionals

    God Pause devotions are short, meaningful reflections on the following Sunday’s lessons and gospel. By Sunday, you’ll be ready for an extra meaningful worship experience.

    D365 (With optional music) - These devotions were written by ministers, professors, students, teachers, missionaries, denominational leaders, and others who work with and care for students. An author typically writes one week of devotions.

    In these devotions, you will read honest struggles and questions, all in the context of real faith. As you read the thoughts of the writers, think about your own response to the scripture for the day. Let the writer’s words serve as background for your own conversation with God.

  • Hebrew Bible Study

    Running Fall 2022 to Spring 2023, at 7 pm via zoom, Mitch Robinson will be facilitating a course on the Hebrew Bible. It will consist of 2 parts. One is a basic overview of the Hebrew Bible and will use lectures by Shaye Cohen of Harvard and Christine Hayes of Yale. The second part is from the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, From the Old Testament to Christianity using lectures by Shaye Cohen. Newcomers and Drop-Ins are always welcome! 

    For more information and to register your interest please contact Mitch Robinson at or (860) 440-3477. 

    Fall 2022 Schedule: Hebrew Bible Schedule

    Class notes: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) (Yale University Fall 2006)

    Class notes: From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, Fr

    Class Notes: The Hebrew Bible_ Syllabus and Notes

    *Sessions are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Page each week for everyone to view. 

    Last year's class sessions can be found in this YouTube Playlist: Here

    This year's class sessions can be found in this YouTube Playlist: Here