What Should I Expect?

What Should I Expect?

You may expect welcome into a warm, imperfect human gathering of people expecting to see God as we support one another along life’s journey.  You may also expect engaging music and worship, the Word preached in a compelling way, an invitation to the Lord’s Supper, and opportunities to engage in the life of the community through service and study. 

Expect God. We expect the presence of God in all of our gatherings. Where God is present there is joy, healing, hope, and life. We come together to meet with and worship the Creator of the universe and to be changed by God's presence.

Expect acceptance and love. At St. Luke, you are welcome, accepted, and loved no matter who you are. You can be yourself. At the foot of the cross is level ground where all are accepted as equals. Children are always welcome to gather with us. Do not be afraid if your child(ren) are young and boisterous, for they help make our church a place of joy. However, if you do wish to use our nursery, we offer one for Sunday Service for children four and under. Visit our Youth Page for information on what we can offer families with little ones at St. Luke. 

What should I wear?

You may wear whatever is comfortable for you. For some, this means wearing your “Sunday best” or business attire. For others, it may mean wearing casual clothing. We are not hung up on what you wear and simply want you to know that you are welcome here no matter your style of clothing.

Will I be pushed to do something I don’t want to do?

No, your level of participation is totally up to you.  As you feel moved by the Spirit, you are invited to participate in any and all aspects of Sunday morning gatherings - singing hymns, speaking confessions with those gathered, listening to the Word, receiving Communion, sharing in fellowship - all worshipers are welcome to engage as they feel comfortable. We will not ask you as a visitor to stand up in front of everybody and introduce yourself. We will invite you to fill out a yellow form to share your name and any prayer requests or interests you might have.