Confirmation is a continuation of each young person’s faith journey. It is a time the Church publicly recognizes that our confirmands are no longer children, but young adults who are dealing with questions of faith at a more complex level. At the same time they are facing new life challenges. This critical time of faith development and these faith challenges are the reasons for having a Confirmation program.

At St. Luke we strive to ensure that our confirmands have a meaningful and faithful (perhaps even fun) learning experience - one that we hope might also spark a desire on their part to continue to learn and grow in faith, as they grow in years. Also, given the busy schedules that our young people (and their parents) have today, we all struggle with the challenge of making time for our youth to cultivate and deepen their faith. As a result of these considerations, we created a Confirmation program based on some of the best practices of young adult learning, along with our own experiences, and that of our partners in ministry across the Lutheran Church. 

Our goal has been to understand and accommodate busy schedules, while also honoring the Church’s belief that this is a critical time of faith formation in a young person’s life, particularly considering the challenges of our world today. As such, we truly believe that it is our duty to provide quality time and opportunities for meaningful faith development for our youth.  With support and commitment of parents, and the consistent participation of our confirmands, the Confirmation Leadership Team can provide a meaningful experience for our youth.  Thank you in advance for sharing with us in this important ministry.

For more information about confirmation, email Pastor Heidi