What is Emmaus?

Emmaus begins with a weekend where young people of high school age are offered a short course in the Christian way of life. Those who attend a weekend will experience Christian fellowship, and a time of reflection and insight into their own lives. There is lots of music, time to meet and get to know new friends, and opportunities to learn through talks and discussions. It provides an opportunity to get to know oneself, others and God, on a deeper level.

What happens on the weekend?

There is discussion, fellowship, singing, worship, great food, and much fun and laughter. There are talks about the Christian faith, and small group discussions. Both teen and adult team members share talks and small group leadership. The weekend runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Nothing will be asked of the candidates that in any way conflicts with traditional Christian beliefs or Biblical teaching.

Who leads the weekend?

The weekend is led by a lay person who is supported by a team of teens and adults. Two ordained clergy serve as Spiritual Directors for the weekend.

Download the SE Emmaus brochure for local information.